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Recover Data

You’ve read about the major causes of lost data, now here is some information on how Hard Disk Recovery Services can recover data for you. NOTE: It is very important to read this article in full, so don't read part of it and then decide to make a major decision regarding your lost data.

Recover data with data recovery software
In the more common cases of lost data, (accidental file deletion), the best way to recover data is to use data recovery software. But there are many data recovery programs out there and not all of them are advisable to use.

First, there is free data recovery software. Not a wise option to recover data in most cases. Free data recovery software has three major strikes against it. One, free data recovery software generally is a product in the making and the developer hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet. The reason why it’s free is so that people can test it out without being driven away by the price.

So in a sense, people who use this software to recover data are guinea pigs, but do you really want to experiment with your valuable data? If it doesn’t work, or if one of the bugs shows itself in the middle of using it, you may never be able to recover your data again. You also have no idea how old it is, for all you know the developer may have given up on it years ago!

In some cases, the product is actually decent, and eventually goes onto the market while a free version of the software will still be available. The majority of our clients who have investigated their free data recovery software options, noticed that in many cases the free version would scan their hard drive and find the file, but required you to purchase the commercial version in order to actually get it back. Which is OK because it shows people that it will actually work, but it isn’t free anymore, is it?

And finally, like all files you download on the internet, if it isn’t from a reliable source, there is the small chance that it could even malicious and intentionally do further damage to your data! So in short, free data recovery may be free for a reason.

Your second option to recover data is licensed commercial data recovery software. While the chances of bugs appearing in the software are significantly less, it is still possible. But if the data recovery software that you are considering using is constantly updated it should do the trick. But what you need to consider is a) the data recovery cost, and b) technical support.

If you are considering buying commercial data recovery software, be sure to shop around weighing in all relevant factors, such as cost, how easy the interface is to use, is it bootable from a floppy or CD/DVD drive (more on that later), how often is the product updated, what kind of customer support is offered (if any), even do a Google search on the product to see what others around the web think of it.

So you may find cheaper data recovery software, but if it isn’t as good of quality as the more expensive version, you may find that you are not able to recover data from your hard drive. On the other hand, just because it’s the most expensive software out there, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Also consider tech support. If you don’t have a knack for figuring out software user interface, and the software that you have downloaded doesn’t offer customer support, directions may not be as clear as you need them to be. Data recovery software is made by techies who often don’t understand that average computer users in turn don’t understand all the terminology and principles involved with software programs. Do you want to try your hand figuring out complex software on your own when your data is at risk?

Finally, your third choice is to seek the services and support of a trusted data recovery company who offers data recovery software (preferably using their own customized software so that they know it inside and out), offers 24/7 tech support, and is below the average market cost.

Hard Disk Recovery Services just so happens to meet all of those requirements, so if you need to recover data, contact us today for a free analysis and quote. But most importantly, if you happen to go elsewhere for your data recovery software, make sure that it does not require installation onto your hard drive. Because when you install any program onto your hard drive, you run the risk of overwriting the lost data.

Only use data recovery software from a reliable source, and only software that can be downloaded and executed from a floppy disk or CD/DVD-R. You wouldn’t want the software that you purchased to recover data to actually cause you to lose it forever!

To recover data in more serious instances of data loss, find out how to retrieve data.

If you would like to learn more about how to recover data, or to request a free quote, contact us here.

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