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Free Data Recovery

Like a growing number of North Americans, you probably rely on computers a great deal. That’s why Hard Disk Recovery Services knows how horrible and panicked you can feel if you should ever experience data loss. Whether you manage a business or office and data loss means loss of revenue and unhappy clients or whether it’s your personal computer and your hobbies or personal memories are now at risk of being lost forever.

From the experiences of our own customers, we have pieced together how it can feel: the mixtures of panic, a sinking sensation in your gut, and almost being brought to sickness. Perhaps loss of sleep and an overall increase in stress, and fear that getting your data back is going to cost you a major amount of cash, round out your feelings of the experience as well. And it’s because of this pressure and panic that many people just look for the first offer that promises to get their data back, even if it isn’t fully thought through nor necessarily the best idea.

Take free data recovery for instance. It promises two things that people who have lost data want to hear the most – it will recover your data and it’s free. But be warned, sometimes it can be even more costly.

Beware of all forms of free data recovery
Offers for free data recovery are always out there, and as much as we hate to say it, sometimes you get what you pay for. Free data recovery typically comes in two forms: 1) the amateur data recovery enthusiast, or 2) free data recovery software. Not to completely dismiss them, because sometimes they can be useful, however, in many circumstances they can be catastrophic.

No cost = no liability
What it comes down to is that free data recovery is free because the service offered has less checks and balances to go through in order to become a licensed product. Free data recovery products or services have no liability, so if your data loss situation becomes worse or permanent as a result of using them, you have no recourse but to start working on your project, or start rebuilding memories from scratch. Although on that point it is important to note that not all paid data recovery offer any guarantees l either, - that’s just something that you’ll have to be careful about.

In closing, free data recovery software isn’t always a good idea because in any data loss situation, you want to have some expert guidance so that you make sure that you know what you’re doing. With free data recovery software, you’re on your own. And in some cases, data recovery software just isn’t an answer, even if the software is legit.

As for the amateur data recovery enthusiast, they may know what they’re doing to a degree, but it doesn’t take much to go beyond their keen. And at that point they’re ‘learning as they go along’ and that’s not the kind of ‘expertise’ that you want to rely on to solve your data loss woes. Remember, if he screws up, you data may never be recoverable again!

Hard Disk Recovery Services has over 15 years of experience, all the state of the arts tools and access to clean room facilities, our own customized recovery software with available 24/7 tech support, competitive prices, a no data recovery cost guarantee should your data be unrecoverable, AND we offer free data recovery quotes. And of course you get the piece of mind knowing that an expert is handling your precious data. Contact us today.

If you would like to learn more about free data recovery, or if you would like a free data recovery quote, contact us here.

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