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Data Recovery For Business

There is a key difference between data recovery for consumers and hard drive recovery services created specifically for businesses: typically, it involves waiting time or priority. Most consumers are looking to recover things like MP3s, personal photos, and other data which does not really have the level of importance that is expected with most business level recoveries.

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On the other hand, business data recovery typically is something that needs to be done yesterday. This is a high priority service that Hard Disk Recovery Services has specialized in since we first established ourselves. All of our business customers are a major priority to us because we understand, as a business ourselves, that time is money, and when you find yourself with a lost hard drive or a failed raid array, every minute wasted can mean lost productivity for your staff and lost sales for your business.

Emergency recovery for businessEmergency Data Recovery at Your Service

A recent example of when business data recovery was incredibly important for hundreds of businesses was during Hurricane Sandy, when HDRS took on hundreds of business hard drives that had been immersed in water, affected by fires that were rampant across the northeastern US, or simply damaged because of electrical issues. HDRS technicians were proud to offer deeply discounted services to the hundreds of Sandy-affected companies that were unsure of where to turn with their rather dramatic data issues.

Superior One Day Shipping

Quick shipping for business data recoveryHDRS is one of the few data recovery companies in North America that can offer one day drop shipping on all enterprise-level data recoveries. This form of emergency service was developed specifically for government departments, which must be ensured of immediate data retrieval in cases of emergency. Our customers benefit from the service, as we have perfected it over the past 10 years. Because of this, we can ensure that complicated processes such as raid array recoveries can be accomplished within 24 hours or less, and that servers can be delivered immediately.

Clean Rooms Are Essential

Although there are many hard drive recovery companies on the Internet that claim to offer full data retrieval services without actually having a specialized clean room, we would strongly recommend against going with these computer repair shops in cases where critical business data is affected. Many of these services are adept at fixing hard drive file systems with data recovery software, but typically are major time wasters when it comes to catastrophic hard drive damage.

And in cases where business drives are at risk, these particular services can be outright dangerous. This is why it is critical to ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting when you send your business level hard disk to be recovered.

Each day, our data recovery engineers speak to business owners that have had their time wasted by the false promises of companies purporting to offer $99 hard drive repair. This concept is a myth in the professional hard drive recovery industry, mainly because of the fact that if a professional can recover a hard drive for $99, is very likely that you can do the same thing with a $49 piece of data recovery software.

Fortune 500 Companies Trust HDRS

Because of our specialized one-day service and over 20 years of hard drive and server repair experience, organizations such as General Motors, IBM, Western Digital, the United States Government, Apple and others deal with our company on a daily basis. It is important to understand that we are a medium sized data recovery corporation, so if the result we do not charge the high prices that some of our major competitors do. But, we can provide the kind of guarantees that business owners with catastrophic hard drive failures look for when they are experiencing a data loss situation.

We would encourage you to contact us on our 24-hour toll-free line if your business is having some form of hard drive emergency. Our technicians are available to take your call seven days per week, and we are always ready to offer free technical support for customers that are having difficulties with servers and raid arrays.

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