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Data Backup

As more and more people rely on computers as part of their daily routine, the amount of precious data stored on them, both personal and work related increases. But once you go beyond word processing, spread sheets, photo albums, or internet browsing, you remember how complex computers really are.

And due to this complexity, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of things that can go wrong with your computer. And if something goes wrong with the machine where all of you data is stored, this results in either your data becoming inaccessible to you, or puts it at risk of being lost forever!

Data Backup, the best way to avoid data loss
To make a long story short, data loss can happen to you! That’s why Hard Disk Recovery Services advises regular data backup procedures to anyone who uses computers. We have helped thousands of clients who have suffered data loss retrieve data, or retrieved it for them in situations where the loss was severe, or when the client was not comfortable enough with their computer skill to do it on their own.

Some Basic Data Backup Tips
One common method is to use special software to take a ‘snap shot’ of your hard drive and store the information onto a DVD. The software is inexpensive, the process is quick, and writable DVD’s are cheap. Most businesses that rely on this method typically make two data backups, stored in separate locations and perform the procedure at least every week.

In addition, the option of remote online storage is being increasingly utilized. This works in a similar fashion as paying for web hosting, only instead of having a website that people can access, it is merely a professional data backup company that charges a monthly fee so that in the event of massive data loss to a work network, data can be recovered instantly and downloaded onto new computers. After all, investing in well thought out disaster recovery planning can be one of the best moves your company can make.

If you use computers only casually, for personal use, mass storage options may be a bit excessive. But at the minimum, Hard Drive Recovery Services recommends making backups of all personal files on various DVD’s. For example, if you keep a digital photo album on your computer, copy it onto a DVD. For personal documents, such as recipes, phone numbers and such, copy those files onto a separate DVD. Just don’t forget to label them!

For documents that changes are often made to, USB drives are handy provided that you don’t lose them!

Having two hard drives isn’t a bad idea because all personal data can be saved onto the 2nd drive. This way, should your main drive (the drive that boots your computer) fail, or get hit with a virus at least all of your data will still be safe, and can be accessed once it is hooked up to a functional boot drive. However, your 2nd drive can still fail on it’s own, and if your computer is damaged by a fire or other disasters it will most likely suffer the same fate as the rest of your computer.

Although we couldn’t turn them onto safe data backup habits prior to their data loss, we stress it upon our clients once their data has been successfully recovered. And as much as we enjoy our work, and enjoy working for our clients, we would rather not have to work for them again! And when they follow correct precautionary data backup procedures, we have found that we never have to work for them again.

If you would like to learn more about the best data backup methods, or if you would like a free quote, click here.

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