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Hard drive failure

Invalid System Disk

The Invalid System Disk error is one of the most common when booting a computer. This can occur for a number of reasons. In most cases, this error occurs after an operating system install, reinstall, hard drive replacement or motherboard upgrade. Often, it is simply an issue that is BIOS based, meaning that during the boot sequence, it can be avoided using the tools within your BIOS. Invalid System Disk errors can be removed in a variety of ways, most of which we will not discuss here. As there are currently hundreds of forums and valuable sites on the web concerning operating systems and the Windows operating system, we will not repeat what is already out there.

But, if you have not installed any new programs, hard drives, motherboards or new components, and you are still encountering the Invalid System Disk Error, you may have another issue altogether. In fact, if you only suddenly encountered this error, you may have a hard disk drive failure problem.

A prime symptom of a hard drive failure is a "buzzing" or "clicking" sound coming from your computer case. In the case of a laptop, dropping it (sometimes from what seems like inconsequential heights) can cause serious damage as well.

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Suspect Hard Disk Drive Failure?

In cases where you were simply operating your computer in a normal manner, or perhaps left it on and returned to discover the Invalid System Disk error, you may be encountering hard disk drive failure which requires the services of a computer data recovery service like Hard Disk Recovery Services. First, there are some things you can try to better assure yourself as to whether the cause of this is hard disk failure or not.

First, check your floppy drive. Is there currently a disk in it? In many cases, people accidentally leave a floppy disk in the drive, and a computer system, expecting a startup disk, has simply ceased the boot process assuming that a startup disk was in the floppy drive. If this is the case, remove the disk. Does your computer boot now? Do you still receive the Invalid System Disk error? If so, continue to the next step.

Secondly, check the drive detection area in your BIOS. For most systems, this can be accessed by pressing the <Delete> key during the beginning of your computer's boot process. Does your BIOS see that your Primary Hard Drive is there? If so, you may simply have a corrupted file system or boot sector. For this case, there is plenty of data recovery software which will help you to recover. Simply do a search at Google for "data recovery software tools" and you will likely find an inexpensive boot sector repair product.

Thirdly, if you have some experience putting together computers, and are relatively handy, try taking out the drive and installing it as a Slave drive on a system that you know works. Once you are in Windows, if the drive can be accessed, Windows will access it immediately. In other words, when you go into the Explorer area, the drive should come up. You may want to copy all the data over to another drive as a backup, and then, as above, seek out a data recovery software tool.

If Windows is simply not finding your drive and you continue to encounter an Invalid System Disk error, you may have a failed hard drive. If your computer had been making noises before your drive problem, you may have had a gradually failing drive. If not, it is still possible that your hard drive has failed.

Let us diagnose your problem. Contact us here for a data recovery request, and find out if your Invalid System Disk is based on a file or a physical drive problem.


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