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Recovering The Unrecoverable

Data Recovery Restore

The truth is, everyone should backup their files every day, but the reality is, not many people do. Many businesses do not have the resource to afford remote site server backup. If there is a data loss situation, businesses could be at a standstill until a resolution can be reached.

Knowing what to do in the event of data loss can mean a difference in profits, and lost customers. Data recovery restore experts at Hard Disk Recovery Services can assist you in finding the right solution to your problem.

When you have experienced data loss, you have a few options, each dependant on your situation. If you have suffered loss due to a virus, or accidental deletion of files, HDRS enables you to recover files using our various software programs.

Perhaps you have run into a partitioning error, and it's causing problems on start up. For cases such as this, our data recovery restore experts would recommend our boot software to help you repair damaged partitions for complete partition recovery.

If photos have been lost, our photo recovery software can enable recovery off many types of digital camera media, including Memory Stick, Compact Flash and SmartMedia cards. Image recovery software can bring your photos back.

Small Footprint Software
If you only learn one piece of information from this article, let it be this. Under no circumstances should you ever use, or purchase software that requires install on your hard drive after data loss.

By installing, you are running the risk of overwriting lost data which makes it completely unrecoverable. Because of this, data recovery restore software from HDRS has a small footprint. This means any software downloaded from our site takes up little amounts of memory, and is able to run off a CD or floppy disk - virtually eliminating the possibility of losing data.

On the other hand, perhaps your hard drive has run into physical damage. If this is the case, you should be able to tell by unusual noises coming from the system, such as buzzing or clicking. You may also receive error messages on startup. Data recovery restore experts should be your first call, to ensure no more damage is done. Upon free in-house evaluation of your media, experts will be able to give you a clear and concise estimate of what it will take to repair. If for an unforeseen chance HDRS cannot recover your data, there will be no charge to you at all.

Experience and Honesty
Experience counts for a lot in this business. HDRS has been in business for over 20 years, and their data recovery restore specialists have seen it all. Many companies only solution is to have the hard drive in the shop, no matter the problem. We realize in-house repairs are expensive, and will do everything in our power to steer you in the right direction; not just make a quick buck. But if your hard drive has to be taken in to us, you can be assured that it is being serviced in most state of the art clean room labs available.

Being prepared for a data loss situation can be a critical data recovery cost saving move. Contact our data recovery and restore specialists here to find out how our software and services can get your lost data back safely, and save you money. And once your data recovery/restore is successful, don't forget to back up your data using our CD duplication techniques to avoid data loss from happening to you again.

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