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NTFS File Recovery

Whether you are an experienced computer user or just an occasional user, NTFS may be an unfamiliar term to you. It stands for New Technology File System and its job is to increase the overall performance of your Windows XP operating system it self heals file system proprietary affecting file level security, data compression and auditing and most importantly it encrypts files and folders to protect sensitive data from hard drive damage, hackers and viruses. It is a major component of your operating system and as such, if it experiences problems, your whole computer experiences problems.

While NTFS files are stable, a number of occurrences may cause failure. Missing or corrupted system files, a deleted partition or damaged partition table, corrupted or damages partition boot sectors or if your master boot record is damaged. Whatever the case if your NTFS is damaged, you will not be able to use your computer. And if this is the case, you will need the expertise of NTFS file recovery specialists and the technicians at Hard Disk Recovery Services more than fit the bill.

If you have reason to believe that you need NTFS file recovery contact us for a free quote and then send your hard drive to us. Or in less dire matters we can access your hard drive through our remote server technology and perform our NTFS file recovery procedure and get your computer running again without the need of having your hard drive in our hands.

Often the procedure takes 24-48 hours and if for some reason the NTFS file recovery cannot be completed you have the option of having us recovery the files on your hard drive so that you do not lose any data or we can mail you back your hard drive free of charge and you will not be billed for anything. With Hard Disk Recovery Services, you have nothing to lose.

NTFS file recovery and what to be aware of

NTFS file loss is fairly common as is the NTFS file recovery procedure. So much so that you can find NTFS file recovery software on the net. In some cases, this software is worth a shot before sending it into professionals, provided you know something about computers. However, be aware that certain kinds of software need to be written onto your hard drive. Try to avoid these ones unless you have access to another working computer with a separate hard drive.

NTFS file recovery software that needs to be installed onto a hard drive may overwrite the existing files on that hard drive effectively causing you to lose those files forever. And unless there is nothing on the effected hard drive that you want, it is to be avoided at all costs. If your old files are overwritten, even our data recovery experts will not be able to save them. If you want to try using NTFS file recovery software be advised to use programs that run specifically from is disk or CD/DVD drives, that way if the procedure doesn’t work, you will be no worse off than from when you started.

Also be advised that when looking for an experienced NFTS file recovery company, there are a lot of “experts” who don’t know enough to help you and may actually cause more harm than good. From our own clients we have heard horror stories.

One general rule to look for is cost up front. Many people who tinker with computers will start a hard drive recovery company and think they are good enough to fix anything. They are out solely for the purpose of making a buck. If you contact a NTFS file recovery service provider and they charge you upwards of $80-$200 just to look at your computer, FORGET IT! Avoid them at all costs. They find no joy from the challenge of NTFS file recovery like the technicians at Hard Disk Recovery Services and they may do a sloppy job to boot. Remember, at Hard Disk Recovery Services, if it can’t be recovered, it’s no charge to you.

For more information on NTFS file recovery, contact us here. For a NTFS file recovery quote, click here.

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