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Virus Repair

Ten years ago, a virus outbreak reported on the news would likely be referring to some deadly strain of virus that is transmitted to and by humans. Currently, when news of a new virus is spread, everyone knows that it is a computer virus. Worms and viruses can cause irreparable damage to your computer's hard drive.

Anti-virus software programs can help prevent viruses from infecting your computer, but they are only effective if they are up-to-date and their cache of virus definitions includes the latest viruses. Too often, computers are infected because their anti-virus software programs didn't recognize a virus as being a virus, so they were allowed to infiltrate your hard drive. If this happens, you need virus repair.

Virus Repair Services

At Hard Disk Recovery Services, we offer our clients virus repair assistance. We can identify potential security issues with regard to viruses and worms, and we can identify and remove spyware and adware. We have extensive virus repair experience in removing damaging viruses from hard drives and in restoring data that has been lost or corrupted as a result of a computer virus. Contact HDRS for your computer virus repair needs.

If you suspect, or have been able to confirm that you have a virus, you should contact us for virus repair services immediately. If left alone, the virus on your computer can reformat your disk drive, deleting your files. It can also lower your security which can allow remote hackers to invade your computer and access your personal information. Plus, a virus is usually spread by taking over your email and emailing copies of itself to everyone in your address book. Don't be the office pariah because you allowed a virus to spread to friends and colleagues. Instead, consult a professional virus repair technician for advice on how to remove the virus completely.

Will I lose my data?
Not all viruses cause data loss; however, the most devastating viruses can cause severe and permanent data loss. How the virus affects your computer's hard drive depends on the type of virus. Some will erase all of the data on your hard drive, and while this loss may only be temporary (assuming you get data recovery help immediately), losing important data can mean the difference between landing a new client and losing one-if your business computer systems aren't reliable, how are you going to be successful in business? If you have a virus, take care of it immediately, and then get your files back by enlisting the help of HDRS and our computer data recovery technicians.

How do I know if my computer is infected?
Computer viruses are spread quickly because many times, people are completely unaware that their computer is infected. Viruses hide themselves and some may only cause small changes or problems with your computer which is why so many go unnoticed. If you notice any of the following, it is quite likely that your computer is infected:

  • Your disk space is suddenly full, yet you know that the programs and files you have on your computer wouldn't require all of that space. Viruses often multiple on hard drives and use up all of the space.
  • When you start your computer, you receive critical error messages that do not allow you to boot your hard drive properly.
  • Your computer shuts down or restarts unexpectedly.

If you think you have a computer virus, consult us today for advice on virus repair. With a virus, you can't afford to wait any longer.

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