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If you use computers, you know how beneficial they can be. There are countless things computers can do on both business and personal levels. Even the most casual computer user understands how computers can be beneficial, that’s why we use them! However, not all users know the downside. But if you ever experienced data loss, then you know the number one downside. If you have recently experienced data loss, or fear it happening in the future, then you may want to know a little about the data recovery company industry and who you can count on for data retrieval.

Things to consider when deciding on a data recovery company

While we here at Hard Disk Recovery Services can recover deleted files in no time, and would love to have your business, we don’t believe in pressuring our potential clients. We advise you of a number of factors to research and consider before choosing a data recovery company.

The first question to ask your self is, “Do they know what they’re doing”? A very straightforward question that you wouldn’t think would be an issue. But it’s true, there a lot of so-called data recovery “experts” out there who happen to know a little bit about computers and pose as a data recovery company. We have helped a number of clients who took their computers in to what seemed like a normal data recovery company only to pay around $300 and have the actual problem completely overlooked.

So if you are considering seeking the help of a data recovery company, ask them about their technical facilities and see if they match up to our Class 100 clean room facilities. If they don’t, then there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a data recovery hobbyist, not a data recovery company.

Once you have established that you are dealing with a knowledgeable data recovery professional, it’s time to shop around for the best price, or rather, to shop around to find a data recovery company that won’t try to rip you off.

Don't let a data recovery company bully you!

Hard Disk Recovery Services has learned from listening to our clients that the average computer user, or small business owner, has only a rudimentary knowledge of computers and as a result feel very intimidated when dealing with someone from a data recovery company. Most people who have lost data are panicked and are only concerned with getting that data back.

So when a data recovery company charges a fee just to even look at a computer, most people will just go along with it. Whether the data recovery company is knowledgeable or not, you shouldn’t have to pay someone before you even know what has to be done. At Hard Disk Recovery Services, we will give you a free quote so that you know what you’re paying for.

Further, no matter how good a data recovery company is at restoring lost data, there are times when data recovery is just not possible, and sadly, your data could be lost forever. Although uncommon, sometimes data can just not be recovered, especially when there is extensive physical damage done to the hard drive, or if a botched data recovery attempt has already been made. Otherwise, lost data is 99% recoverable.

But suppose for a moment, that your data is lost for good. Imagine the horror at loosing your valuable data. Now imagine sending your hard drive into somebody, and then finding out that everything on your computer is gone – permanently. As if that isn’t bad enough, now imagine the data recovery company that failed to recover your data is now asking you to pay for their drive data recovery attempt. At Hard Disk Recovery Services, we guarantee that in the unlikely event where your data cannot be recovered by us, you will not be charged a cent and we will send your hard drive back to you free of charge.

So if you have suffered data loss, Hard Disk Recovery Services guarantees that you will lose nothing else. Contact us today.

To learn more about choosing the right data recovery company, click here. If you need data recovered and would like a free quote, click here.

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