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Recover Deleted Files

There is a common event that occurs in computer dependent offices. It happens every day, and can cause the loss of thousands of dollars. Hard Disk Recovery Services wants to draw your attention to the nagging problem of accidental file deletion and cost effective measures that can be taken to recover these deleted files.

Just because computers help speed up productivity in the work place does not mean that you have more time to work on something. On the contrary, every new piece of technology designed to make the office more efficient, and reduce the time it takes to do daily tasks, just makes the demands that much more stringent. And technology is increasing at such a rapid pace that it seems like having the latest technology isn’t necessarily an advantage, but merely a means of keeping up with your competitors.

Just how easy is it to accidentally delete a file?
A computer is a mini-work station in itself. Having a cluttered computer is like having a cluttered desk, it’s more difficult to stay organized, things are harder to find and it affects your productivity. So naturally, once you are done with a file, you’ll want to delete it, otherwise those files add up. If you have copies of a project at various stages of development, it’s quite easy to accidentally open an older version and work on it only to find that it’s missing some more recent additions. Then you have to compare the two to find out what needs to be added where.

So it’s no wonder accidental file deletion occurs. Staff members who are rushing to meet a project deadline may send things into the recycle bin and empty it without really taking the time to make sure that a) it’s the right file or b) that they are fully finished with it. Plus, grabbing the wrong icon with a mouse is easy to do. So when someone intends to drag and drop something that they no longer need, they may accidentally throw away something of great monetary value without even knowing it! The question now becomes, 'how do you recover deleted files?'.

We can recover deleted files, even if it’s been gone for a long time!
Hard Disk Recovery Services understands that an inability to recover deleted files can cause panic and perhaps even job insecurity! That’s why we’re here to help. Step 1: Don’t panic! Your data is gone in one sense, but still there in another so don’t do anything rash. When a file is emptied from the recycle bin just means that you have given your computer the ‘OK’ to write over the space on the hard drive where that file was located. The process to recover deleted files is relatively easy, and can be done using our customized file recovery software.

While the odds are that your deleted files can be recovered, we urge you to do the following. First, stop using your computer. While your computer won’t be rushing to overwrite the space where your deleted files are, you always run a risk of losing or damaging it by continuing to use your computer. This is especially the case if there isn’t very much free space still available on your hard drive.

That’s why if you’re going to use data recovery software to recover deleted files, it should be available for download to floppy disk, or CD or DVD-R’s, and executable from your Rom drive or floppy drive. Our software is designed this way because it would be a bitter irony if the software that you want to use to recover deleted files ends up being written onto your hard drive in the same place where the deleted files are!

The second step is to contact a professional data recovery company like Hard Disk Recovery Services. You can get some helpful information by talking to a professional, but be sure not to seek the services of a company that charges you just to consult them! A respectable data recovery company will diagnose the problem for free and be able to recover deleted files in no time.

If you would like to learn more about how to recover deleted files, or if you have deleted files that need recovering and would like a free quote, contact us here.

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