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Knowing The Different Data Recovery Solutions Available To You

Computers are a staple in modern society and every day people use computers to store valuable files, both business and personal data. But perhaps due to the fact that we rely on computers so heavily, we forget that they are as fallible and susceptible to error as any other piece of machinery.

For the millions of people who have already lost data, warnings such as these don’t help after the fact. If you have recently experienced loss of computer data, rest assured that there are recovery solutions.

Throughout our more than 15 years experience, Hard Disk Recovery Services have encountered every data loss situation imaginable. From user error, vandalism/hacking, hardware failure, or even disasters such as fires Hard Disk Recovery Services has seen data loss of every kind, and in each circumstance, we were able to recovery our clients data, and we can do the same for you.

There are two major kinds of data recovery solutions. The cheaper, and more basic method is by using data recovery software. You can find free data recovery software on the internet, buy it on the market, or contact a data recovery company like Hard Disk Recovery Services that uses their own custom made data recovery software. Whether or not data recovery software is the solution for you, or what type of software you need depends on your specific data loss situation and your working knowledge of computers.

The other more expensive and extensive is when the hard drive actually has to be opened up in a clean room facility. In some situations, this procedure can cost somewhere in the thousands of dollars. If your data loss situation requires this form of recovery solution make sure you shop around for the best price, and the best feeling that you get from the company. Avoid dealing with companies that try to pressure you threats, through our clients we have found that assuming that the company knows what it is doing, they may only have their own financial interests in mind.

When it comes to data loss, we know that your first instinct will be to panic. Hard Disk Recovery Services advises you not to do this because panic is the leading cause as to why people get ripped off by shady data recovery companies. Data recovery solutions are out there, and honest data recovery companies exist.

How to tell data recovery solutions apart
The best way to tell if you are dealing with a data recovery company who has your best interests in mind is by how many questions they ask you during initial contact. If you find that a potential data recovery company is being overly aggressive and trying to pressure you into working with them, odds are it is best to avoid them. Another rule of thumb is to avoid companies that actually charge you just to tell you what is wrong with your computer. In most cases, this is just an indication that they don’t know what they’re doing, or they only care about getting your money.

If you have recently lost your valuable data, Hard Disk Recovery Services understands the situation that you are in, and we will do our utmost to make you feel at ease and have your data back to you as soon as possible. Our data recovery solutions are thorough and we achieve success in 95% of data loss situations. We also help our customers with disaster recovery planning so that they never have to go through the data loss ordeal ever again. Contact us today!

If you have experienced data loss and are interested in learning more about our data recovery solutions, or if you would like to request a free quote, click here.

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