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It can happen through basic user error in cases where a file is lost accidentally, and you can be assured that it is easy even for a skilled computer user to delete an important file in this manner. And although that was already covered, by no means is user error the only way that data can be lost from your hard drive.

Hard Disk Recovery Services would never downplay the horror that is file loss, loosing an important file is always serious. But if you have ever experienced the not-so-serious data loss, compared to a more serious kind, you would know what we’re talking about. These involve cases where perhaps your computer isn’t working anymore, or its working but acting strange or making strange noises and files seem to be disappearing.

Serious: This is a situation where perhaps you’ve lost a single file, but now your computer can’t boot up, or you can’t access the internet, or something isn’t working right. Again, serious, but not dangerously serious. What separates serious from extremely serious, is that in serious data loss, the situation isn’t getting any worse. You may have accidentally deleted an important file necessary to run Windows, or perhaps you’ve incorrectly formatted the partition on your hard drive and actually lost important files AND your computer isn’t working. In extremely serious situations the problem IS getting worse!

Solution: contact a reliable hard drive data recovery!
Serious data loss differs from not-so-serious file loss in that because you can’t access your computer, you can’t solve the problem yourself, and that means you either have a friend who knows enough about computers that you let them fix it for you, or you have to bring it in to a hard drive data recovery company. But don’t worry, the standard procedures involved with hard drive data recovery in these situations is nowhere near as expensive as extremely serious hard drive data recovery.

The Common Causes of Serious Data Loss

Data loss of this sort occurs most commonly by:
Improper system shut downs or power failures - although rarely and Windows is built in with a mechanism that should protect against this in almost all instances).

Power surges on un-grounded computers - although these can wipe your entire hard drive clean, meaning that your computer won’t start up and that you must avoid reinstalling Windows onto your computer at all costs. The data can be recovered by a data recovery technician in a clean room facility.

By improper repartitioning of your hard drive - For example, we had a client who added a second hard drive onto his computer which had 160 gigs of memory. The problem was that his version of Windows would only recognize up to 120 gigs and a patch from the hard drive manufacturer had to be installed so that he could partition his drives properly. He thought he knew what he was doing, he did not and as a result lost a lot of important files.

Accidentally deleting a Windows system file - After using a computer for some time, you get to know it a little better. Commands and programs become easier to use and computers become more friendly. However, in some cases people get cocky and think that they know more than they do.

For some reason, Hard Disk Recovery Services get a number of cases where a user went into his or her Windows\system32 folder and tinkered with something. The end result was that the computer no longer boots up. After bringing the computer into us they usually admit that they thought that they might solve the problem on their own by reinstalling Windows. Bad idea, that would have deleted everything!

In these cases data can only be recovered by bringing your computer, or hard drive into a trained professional, so that it can be worked on physically in a clean room facility. But there are 3 important things for you to do.

1) Don’t panic.
2) Don’t turn on your computer or try using it for anything.
3) Bring it into a trained hard drive data recovery expert.

In roughly 98% of the situation we can recover all of your data and get your computer working good as new again. Hard Drive Recovery Services have been recovering data for over 15 years and we can recover your data as well. If for some reason we can’t, then you don’t get charged a dime.

Think your problem is worse than this? Read on about ‘extremely serious’ data loss and how to get data back by, clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about hard drive data recovery, or to request a free data recovery quote, click here.

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