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Recovering The Unrecoverable

How To Get Data Back

This is the third of three major types of data loss. To read the previous page, hard drive data recovery, click here.

The third and most devastating form of data loss is ‘extremely serious’ data loss. The most common reasons for it are of course the most extreme. Hardware failure, sabotage and viral attacks, as well as physical damage inflicted upon the hard drive in any manner of form.

How to tell if you are suffering from extreme data loss

If you have lost one or more files mysteriously and your computer is suddenly running a lot slower than it used to, this is usually an indication that you have a virus on your system. It could be spyware, which is more annoying than destructive, but if you remove the spyware and the slowness continues, it is most likely a virus. Hard Disk Recovery Services recommends that you stop using your computer and get it checked for viruses immediately. The damage done by a virus tends to get worse the more you use your computer. Coincidently, the more you use a computer that has suffered file loss due to viral damage, the more difficult it will be to get that file back!

Hardware failure
In some cases Windows will warn you about eminent hardware failure before the results are catastrophic, but not always. If your computer starts making any strange noises, grinding, whirling that doesn’t stop, or buzzing this is the best indication that some part of your computer hardware is failing. Stop using your computer and get drive data recovery help immediately.

If it’s the DVD Rom, then its not a big deal, you just won’t be able to run DVDs. Graphics card, won’t be able to boot your computer but everything else, data included is fine. But if your hard drive is failing, or worse, your motherboard, watch out! Not only will your data be lost forever, and that piece of hard ware damaged beyond repair, but in the case of the motherboard, it will start destroying other pieces of hardware. The moment you hear those noises, bring your computer into a professional.

Hard Disk Recovery Services are quality data recovery experts with all the state of the art technology at our disposal required to get data back from even the most extreme cases of data loss.

We also offer our own custom designed data and file recovery software available for download in situations where the data loss is ‘not-so-serious’ and you can get the data back yourself. In addition to knowing that you are employing quality data recovery software from a reliable company, we also offer around the clock technical support so that even the most inexperienced computer user will be able to get data back from their computer.

Remember, Hard Disk Recovery Services has been around for over 15 years, and we know everything there is to know about media storage devices and how to get data back from them. Our track record boasts an impressive 98% data recovery success rate, and in cases where we cannot recover your files, you are not charged anything.

The standard procedure for data recovery in extreme data loss scenarios is for you to send your hard drive into us and we can typically get your data back within 3 business days. If you require a rush job, we can usually recover your data the day we get your hard drive, but such a service does cost extra. If the damage is not physical, we can even recover your files over an internet connection using our remote server technology.

So if you need to get data back and are unsure of what degree of data loss severity you are suffering, contact us for a free quote. We will help you identify your problem, and advise you on all the solutions at your disposal. Should your situation require the assistance of a hard drive data recovery specialist to get your data back, we are confident that you will choose us.

To learn more about how you can get data back from even the most extreme data loss situations, or to request a free quote to get data back, click here.

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