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Partition Recovery

Data loss is a major issue for anybody who relies on computers. If it isn’t, then it would be a very good idea to learn a little about how it happens, what it can do, and what can be done to recover data. Because if you use computers either at home or at the office, and have yet to experience data loss, it is only a matter of time before you do.

Data loss comes in many forms, from a hard drive crash, hard drive failure, from viruses or from many other causes. In this article, Hard Disk Recovery Services would like to draw your attention specifically to lost partition tables and partition recovery.

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What is a partition anyway?
Odds are that if you know little about the danger of data loss and how partition recovery can help, then you are probably not too clear on what a partition is. It basically refers to a division created on a hard drive for the purpose of separating different types of data, so in a sense you create two smaler hard drives out of one larger hard drive.

Why would I want to create a partition on my hard drive?
For many reasons actually. First, by creating a partition (particularly on larger hard drives) you limit the amount of storage memory that your computer needs to search through and this increases the speed of your computer. Second, on a non-partitioned drive, you would not be able to run multiple boot set ups. In other words, you could not run Windows and Linux on the same computer, but if you partition your drive, you can. Third, partitioning your drive helps to organize your computer. Keep work related data on one partition, and personal stuff on another. There are other reasons as well, but these are the most common.

How does a partition get damaged?
Partitions can get damaged if your hard drive gets damaged, or if the partitions are incorrectly formatted. Power surges and turning off your computer improperly can also result in partition damage.

How can I lose data from a damaged partition?
Partition tables are like maps for your computer. If you enter an input instruction for your computer to open a file located in a certain partition, (or for that matter your computer follows a partition table to even boot up), the partition tables will tell the computer where to go to find that data. If your partition tables are damaged what happens is that the map is gone so your computer ‘thinks’ that it doesn’t exist! It doesn’t actually destroy your data, but it does put it into a very vulnerable position.

Get partition recovery help fast!
It cannot be stressed to state how important it is to get that data back quickly using standard partition recovery techniques. A good idea is to stop using the afflicted computer until you can get some partition recovery help, because time is of the essence, the more the use your computer, the greater the chance that the data will be over written and lost forever! The files still exist on your hard drive, but cannot be accessed because they is not recognized by your computer. So your computer thinks that they are not there and will actually write over the area where the ‘lost’ partition data is located. That’s when you’ll need partition recovery to get your data back!

What partition recovery options are out there?
The safest bet is to contact a professional partition recovery expert like Hard Disk Recovery Services who have all the tools and experience necessary for successful partition recovery. If you are considering enlisting the aid of a data recovery expert, remember to only seek the services of companies who don’t try to pressure you into hiring them, don’t charge you just to assess your situation, and who offer a no charge guarantee in the slim chance that your data cannot be recovered.

Remember, avoid companies that try to give you the hard sell for their services, charge you for an initial assessment of your situation, or who do not offer a no charge policy in cases where the data cannot be recovered, or in any way display any level of incompetence or lack of professionalism. That’s why contacting Hard Disk Recovery Services to retrieve data for you can make all the difference.

If you would like to learn more about partition recovery, or if you would like a free data recovery quote, click here.

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