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Recover Compact Flash

Data recovery doesn’t exclusively refer to files stored on your computer. Digital music, videos and audio files saved on your camera, cell phone or MP3 player are all various types of data that can be lost just like regular computer data. If you've lost data of any kind, Hard Disk Recovery Services can get it back. We can recover Compact Flash cards, Memory Stick and all major brands of digital storage.

In the era of digital photography, gone is the waiting for pictures to get developed and hoping that they all turn out. With easy to use digital cameras you can “rapid fire” and churn out hundreds of photographs, trying to capture that certain something, and you can look at them right after the image is captured to know whether or not the picture is worth keeping. It's no wonder that 35mm or other film based cameras are becoming endangered species.

Easy to use, easy to lose
However, with the benefits come certain risks. Because digital cameras are so easy to use, you can choose to delete photos right after taking them, it is also easier to accidentally delete photos that you really wanted to keep.

Also, people are using digital cameras or cell phone cameras in many more circumstances than they would of with the old cameras. At a party for example, it isn't just one person with a camera anymore, it now seems like everybody has one. Whenever something interesting happens somebody will just whip out a camera and click. People are a lot less aware about using their cameras, taking pictures has almost become a reflex. But because of this, cameras are far more likely to get dropped, or have liquid spilt on them or get damaged in any number of other ways, putting your photos at jeopardy.

And let's face it, as great as complex technology is, it will always be susceptible to bugs and other strange things that can't be explained. Digital cameras have a habit of automatically resetting, and even though your photographs are still there in your memory card, your camera thinks that they are gone. There’s no need for us to say how frustrating that can be. If you need your photos back, Hard Disk Recovery Services can recovery Compact Flash memory cards as easily as files from a damaged hard drive.

Regardless of the reason why you can't access your photos, it is vital that you stop using your memory card. Even if your camera can't read your card, can't find the pictures that are on there, or you just deleted a photo that you didn't want to delete, that data is still on your Compact Flash card somewhere. If you keep using it, any new picture that you take can permanently overwrite the old photo and you will lose it forever. And do not reformat your card. While reformatting a card that cannot be read may allow you to use it again, all the photos that were on there will be unrecoverable.

If you want Hard Disk Recovery Services to recover your Compact Flash memory card so that you can get your photos back, stop using your Compact Flash memory card, take it out of your camera or media device, and contact us today. You may not need to send it to our state of the art data recovery labs, but the option is there if you need it.

Our technicians are trained to ask the right questions so that we can get to a grasp of the situation and accurately help you decide your best course of action. We do not charge anything for a quote, and in the rare case where we can't recover your data, we don't charge you a cent. If you need to recover Compact Flash data, contact Hard Disk Recovery Services today.

If you would like to learn more about how we recover Compact Flash cards, click here. For a free data recovery quote, click here.

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