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Recovering The Unrecoverable

Data Loss and Data Recovery

No matter how reliable computers seem to be, it can happen.

Data Loss.

Perhaps you've tried to open a file only to find that somehow it got corrupted and can no longer be accessed. Perhaps you’ve accidentally deleted a file and can’t get it back. Or maybe you tried turning on your computer one day and heard a series of beeps instead of the familiar Windows start up sound, and now you can’t access anything on your hard drive. Data loss can happen to you, and if it does, you’ll want to know as much about the data recovery industry as possible.

As is the case with all major industries, there are some reliable data recovery companies, and some unreliable companies. Here are a few tips to make sure that you avoid the unreliable ones.

Beware companies who charge just to look at your computer
Data recovery companies that know what they’re doing can generally detect what is wrong with your computer by doing a series of diagnostic tests. Companies that charge you just to look at your computer most likely don’t know what they’re doing and actually find discovering the cause of your hardware failure to be a challenge.

Or perhaps it’s because some data recovery companies have a poor sense of customer relations, and worry that customers will take advantage of them by using them to find out what is wrong for free, and then taking their business elsewhere to actually pay to have to problem fixed.

Companies like these only see the bottom line and don’t realize that offering a little common courtesy to customers can go a long way. Sure, there may be the odd instance where customers may go elsewhere once you diagnose their problem for them, but in most cases it’s because you treated them rudely in other areas, or betrayed something that made them feel uneasy with the prospect of entrusting you to salvage their valuable data.

Either way, Hard Disk Recovery Services, can only attest to the benefits we have reaped from treating our customers well. We offer free analysis, and have always let our customers know what is going on at every stage of the recovery procedure. All that we have noticed is satisfied customers followed by friends of those customers who in turn became new satisfied customers. So we have no idea why any respectable data recovery company would want to treat their customers poorly.

In many cases, shady data recovery companies don’t want you to know what is wrong with your computer so that they can just run a generic data recovery software program (something that you could probably do yourself) and over-charge you for it. As if that isn’t bad enough, in many situations using a run of the mill data recovery software program can actually make your data loss permanent! So avoid dealing with these kinds of companies at all costs!

Other companies may not have the expertise required to accurately diagnose the cause of your data loss, and just use data recovery software to bring back your files and then a few weeks later the same problem happens again! Who knows, perhaps it’s intentional. Maybe data recovery companies who practice such schemes do so on purpose so that you’ll keep coming back thinking that the customers will keep giving them more money.

Hard Disk Recovery Group would rather solve your problem and make sure that you never experience the hardship of data loss again. But, we would be glad to be recommended to your friends when they suffer data loss!

If you need the help of a data recovery company, contact us today and you’ll soon discover why so many of our customers are completely satisfied with our data recovery services.

If you would like to learn more about data recovery, or if you would like to request a free quote, click here.

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