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How To Choose The Right Data Recovery Software

Odds are that if you use computers on a regular basis, you will experience the pain that is data loss. This is not to say that computers are unreliable, it just that they are machines, and like all machines, they are susceptible to failure. Sometimes it seems like people feel that because computers are so high tech and are used for so many aspects of our daily life that they can save all kinds of valuable data on them and never have to worry about it again.

Just because certain technology may be cutting edge, does not mean that it cannot fail, it merely means that it has less chance of failing. And let’s not forget user error. Sometimes files are accidentally deleted causing all sorts of panic to ensue. Hard Disk Recovery Services advises you not to panic. We have helped thousands of people and businesses get their data back and we can do the same for you.

Regardless of the reason for your data loss, there are ways to go about getting your data back. You can use data recovery software, or in more extreme cases, you will have to bring your computer into a high tech clean room lab, where your hard drive will actually be opened up and components will be repaired or delicately transplanted into another hard drive.

The first is data recovery software. The majority of data loss situations can be resolved by using data recovery software. Recovery software can be purchased, downloaded for free on the internet, or most recommended is contacting data recovery companies who have custom designed their own recovery software.

Some things to know about recovery software
Not all recovery software is created equal, and the type of software that you should use depends on your knowledge of computers and the actually data loss situation that you are in.

Hard Disk Recovery Services advises you to stay away from data recovery software that is free. Why? Because in most cases, software is free because it is still being tested. In order to work out all the bugs, software developers will make it available for free and if bugs should present themselves the developer will find out and correct them. Once the bugs are worked out, and providing there is enough demand for the product most likely the product will go onto the market and the free version will no longer be available.

Not to knock free software, but when it comes to your valuable software are you willing to risk losing it forever? What if you are using the software and one of those bugs presents itself? Your data can be lost forever. The truth is, that in the rare circumstances where Hard Disk Data Recovery cannot recovery our client’s data, the vast majority of reasons are because our clients tried using data recovery software unsuccessfully. In doing so, they permanently overwrote the hard drive sectors where their lost data was still stored, making the data unrecoverable.

Providing that you know enough about computers, we recommend that you purchase recovery software from a reliable source. Make sure that the company you purchase it from offers full customer support, and that the program is executable from a floppy disk or CD ROM. Recovery Software that requires installation onto your hard drive may permanently overwrite the data that you are trying to recover.

Better still, contact Hard Disk Recovery Services. We offer recovery software that can be downloaded to and executed from your CD ROM or floppy drive. We offer an online guide for using our software, as well as tech support. So if your data is inaccessible, take the safe route and contact us today!

NOTE: If your computer isn’t booting, or if it shuts down randomly, is running slowly or if your hard drive is making strange sounds, recovery software will NOT work for you. To recover your data, you will need to take the second option, and that is getting your hard drive into a specialized recovery expert like Hard Disk Recovery Services.

To learn more about recovery software, or to request a free quote, click here.

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