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Finding The Right Data Recovery Services For Your Data Loss Situation

If use computers on a fairly regular basis, whether it is at home or at work there is something that you need to know. Computers are machines, and like all other machines, there is always a chance that they can fail. And if they fail, that puts all of your valuable work related data, or personal files at risk of being lost forever.

There is good news however. Data loss happens frequently enough to make data recovery services a fairly huge industry. So the expertise is out there should you need to get your data back, but it also means that not all data recovery services are the same.

At Hard Disk Recovery Services, we believe that recovery services should first and foremost put the clients mind at ease. We listen to our clients and we have learned the importance of understanding the situation that they are in. Data loss is a terrifying experience. In cases where you have loss work related data, you may have lost months worth of work with a multi-thousand dollar value. In some cases, it may even cost you a client or even your job! And personal documents have a value that goes beyond monetary, memories can’t be replaced!

As if the actual loss of data isn’t enough, many of our clients have had to deal with data recovery companies whose only concern was extorting as much money from them as possible. Clients typically know nothing about the data recovery industry, are desperate to get their data back, and are generally at the mercy of the recovery experts.

The following has actually occurred on a few occasions to clients who have come to us after seeking the recovery services of some of our competitors. What we learned was appalling. After his computer would no longer boot, the client panicked and brought it in to the first data recovery company that he contacted.

After being charged $80 just to “analyze” the problem, without being told anything regarding what was wrong or the likelihood of recovery, the customer was given an estimate somewhere in the $400 range.

3 days later he got his hard drive back with most of the contents intact – although most programs had to be reinstalled and a number of actual work files were corrupted beyond use - the total data recovery cost with initial assessment was $420. In most of these situations all the customer feels that all he or she can do is bite the bullet and cut their loses, vowing to make back-ups of all their files from then on.

But his ordeal was not over yet. 2 months later the same thing happened again, and this time he brought his hard drive into us. We discovered that the problem was not his hard drive, but his motherboard. The motherboard was failing and was destroying his hard drive in the process. So when he originally brought his hard drive into our competitor, his hard drive didn’t actually need recovery services – it was fine, as were all of his files, all he needed was a new motherboard.

Instead, that company charged him $420 to perform their recovery services when it didn’t need to be done. And they did such a poor job that he essentially paid $420 to have a number of his files destroyed and all of his software installations disrupted. To make matters worse, they sent him home with a ticking time bomb that would either happen again, or destroy his hard drive completely. As it was, there were burn marks visible on the hard drive where the motor had been spinning too fast.

If you need recovery services, Hard Disk Recovery Services advises you to shop around. After dealing with a few companies, you’ll notice a major difference between attitudes and have a better idea of who to choose. With that said, feel free to contact us. We’re confident that our treatment of our customers, and the expertise that we display will make us the obvious choice.

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