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RAID Data Recovery: Linux

Considered by many to be more stable than Windows, Linux operating systems lack the user interface possessed by Windows. Typically, Linux is used on computers whose main function is to act as servers, although some users prefer to run Linux over Windows. Due to its popularity and the amount of people who rely on Windows, instances of data loss through viruses or system instability have become so common that it seems to be an accepted fact that Windows will fail but we just have to live with it. The occurrence of data loss on Windows is such a common occurrence in fact that the data recovery industry thrives.

To the credit of Microsoft, improvements are being made to Windows all the time. One such improvement is RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). RAID serves to make backups of all files on your computer and makes your computer run faster. RAID is used on many Linux operating systems and has made the already stable Linux system that much more stable. However, RAID servers on a Linux operating system can fail. And ironically, because Linux RAID fails so infrequently, that data recovery companies that specialize in Linux RAID are harder to come by, making harder to shop around.

Hard Disk Recovery Services have been in the data recovery industry for over 16 years, and have constantly evolved to incorporate new technology into our data recovery lexicon. Our technicians love what they do and enjoy the challenge of data recovery. Every new piece of technology had the chance to fail. So we ensure that we familiarize ourselves with everything available on the market so that when our clients bring it to us, we can help them out. If you need RAID data recovery for Linux, we can help.

To learn more about RAID data recovery Linux, click here. To request a free quote, click here.

Have you lost RAID data on your Linux based system?

If so, don’t panic. As with all other forms of data recovery, RAID data Recovery for Linux is usually a simple procedure for an experienced data recovery technician. Data loss occurs every day, and when it does, we are there to recover it. The few exceptions where it becomes tricky are in cases where extreme physical damage has been done to the RAID servers, or when attempts have been to recover data by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing using free data recovery software on the net. Fortunately, for Linux users, there are not very many RAID data recovery Linux programs out there.

You've already lost your data, Hard Disk Recovery Services makes sure that you don't lose anything else

Hard Disk Recovery Services guarantees that if you have lost data, you will lose nothing else by contacting us and giving us the opportunity to recover your data. To begin with, we offer a free quote. So you don’t pay anything until you know what you have to pay for. Most other data recovery companies will charge you $30 - $80 just to look at your computer, and then you have to pay them to get it back! Secondly, while in over 95% of data loss situations we can recover your data, there are extreme cases where your data is lost forever. In cases such as these, even after we do everything that we can to recover your data, you will not be charged for our efforts. How many other companies offer that?

If you need RAID data recovery: Linux or otherwise, contact Hard Disk Recovery Services today and ease your mind.

For more on RAID data recovery Linux, click here. To request a free quote, click here.

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