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NTFS Recovery Software

Loss of NTFS (New Technology File System) files will cause your computer to stop working. NTFS and FAT (File Allocation Table) are vital components of your computer. They compress data, encrypt files, self heal your computer, and increase the speed, processing memory and overall performance of your computer. And while NTFS is stable and generally does not encounter problems, it can happen, and it is usually the result of user error. Accidental file deletion and improper installation of a new hard drive or incorrect partitioning of a hard drive can cause an NTFS error.

If you are experiencing computer problems due to NTFS file loss or corruption, you have two choices. Try to fix it yourself with NTFS recovery software, or get your hard drive to a professional. In the case of the latter, provided that the company that you deal with is competent and not out to get you, your computer will be back in working order within a day or two for a price. If you try the former, depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to get your computer running at a much lower cost. In both cases, there are factors to consider. Are you using the best NTFS recovery software out there? Are you dealing with a hard disk recovery company that you can trust?

At Hard Disk Recovery Services, you can be assured that your hard drive will be handled by a knowledgeable professional and that your NTFS files will be repaired and your computer will soon be in complete working order. We have also seen what there is on the NTFS software recovery market. Remember, NTFS recovery software is different than regular data recovery software which merely does a hard search of all the data on a damaged or corrupted hard drive and attempts to make those files transferable to a working hard drive. Data recovery software will not restore a malfunctioning hard drive or repair a damaged NTFS. And while NTFS recovery software exists on the internet, the occurrence of NTFS file loss is not as common as regular data loss and as a result the market is not as competitive and the software isn’t as good.

At Hard Disk Recovery Services, we have studied all the NTFS recovery software out there and have instead opted to customize our own software for use in our labs. If your NTFS problem is minor, for a small fee you can download a functional NTFS recovery software program from us and through our instruction repair the NTFS on your computer. If you would prefer to try some of the free NTFS recovery software available on the net, be advised to avoid the software that requires you to install it onto your hard drive. In many cases, doing so could make the missing files unrecoverable. Only attempt the use of NTFS recovery software that can be used via disk or CD/DVD drives.

If the problem is more severe, or you do not want to take the risk, contact Hard Disk Recovery Services for a free quote. Send your hard drive into us, and we will get your computer working again. We guarantee that all files will be backed-up before we attempt repair, and that if for some reason we cannot do the job, we will send your drive back to you free of charge and you will incur no fees unless your computer can be is up and running again. That’s how you know we can be trusted. We don’t charge you to look at your drive and we don’t charge you if we can’t get it working again. How many other hard drive recovery companies can offer that?

For more information on NTFS recovery software, contact us here. For a recovery quote, click here.

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