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We understand how stressful data loss can be. When looking for hard drive data recovery services, it is important that you choose a computer data recovery company with experience. You should consider a few companies to do your job, not jump at the first one. Is there a company rushing you to ship your drive out to them? What many new to hard drive data recovery don't know is that a professional shop would be asking questions to find out more about your situation.

Choose Qualified Data Recovery Experts
Many companies steamroll you into sending out your drive, and make you think this is your only option. Once they have it, their quote keeps rising and rising, for work they need to do. Hard Disk Recovery Services will ask the right questions, to dig to the root of your problem. A good hard drive data recovery company should be able to distinguish if software can solve your problem, or if your situation is a little more serious, and requires hands on work. In cases where your drive needs to be sent in, be assured that our clean room labs are state of the art and helps to maximize the chances of recovery.

There are two main solutions Hard Disk Recovery Services can offer you. The first and least expensive option is data recovery software. This is used when you have logical or file system data loss. This file recovery method can normally be performed by yourself, in your home or office, without having to ship the drive away. The other method is physical hard drive data recovery. It requires trained professionals, and can be fairly expensive.

The latter option is used if your hard drive has suffered physical damage, such as water damage or vandalism. You will usually be able to distinguish physical damage from anything else as well. You may hear clicking, or whirring noises from your hard drive upon startup. Your BIOS may not recognize your hard drive, or your computer may not take any action at all. Only experienced hard drive data recovery service specialists will be able to recover data in this situation.

Non-Intrusive Software
One of the most important things to remember when choosing hard drive data recovery software is to never buy or use a program that requires installation directly onto your hard drive. Many recovery programs are large files, and when installed, they overwrite your lost data, which makes it completely unrecoverable.

All software from HDRS has a small footprint, which means it does not take up much disk space. Our programs can be downloaded and saved directly to a CD or disk to avoid running the risk of overwriting data. This is key in the computer forensics services that we offer. If someone in your office is up to no good and is trying to cover their tracks, we can search your computers for intentionally deleted files and get the proof you need to reprimand the suspected party.

On the other hand, you may not be looking to recover data, but make sure it is erased forever. If you are upgrading systems, and are trading in or eliminating your old computers, you want to make sure no crucial information is left on them for future users to access. HDRS offers Disk Wipe Pro. This program meets all Department of Defense standards for security; therefore you can be confident in the efficiency of the software.

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