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Hard Disk Noises and Other Computer Data Loss Dangers

If computers are an important part of your daily life, either at home or at the office, you should be aware of the risk posed to them. And while it is possible to think ahead and prepare for the worst, sometimes even that is not enough to save you from the aggravation that is data loss. It comes in many forms and varying degrees of destruction but no matter the circumstances, the odds are in your favor that your data can always be recovered.

Accidental file deletion caused by user error, power surges, fires and natural disasters, viruses, sabotage and hackers, theft, physical damage and malfunctioning hard ware can all result in data loss. And while the possibility for all to happen exists, two of the most common are viral damage and hard ware malfunction. What further sets these two dangers aside is that in the case of all others, you probably know that they have happens. If there is a fire in your office or home, your know it. If you accidentally delete something crucial your expletive deleted comment usually punctuates the grip of terror that you find yourself in.

However, if your have received a virus that is slowly spreading on your computer or if there is a hard ware component that is nearing the end of its life, the evidence may not be so readily apparent and you may not know that the damage is getting worse.

Hard Disk Noises, the early warning

If you use computers regularly you become aware and get accustomed to the regular hard drive noises of running or processing noises when you open up larger files or programs. It’s kind of like driving your car. For years it makes the same noises when it is working fine but then one day it makes a new noise and that causes your concern. The same can be said about hard disk noises. It could be subtle like a different kind of noise or a random noise when there normally isn’t one, or it could be blatant like a loud grinding. Your computer may still seem to be working, but that is only because the damage is just beginning. The specialists at Hard Disk Recovery Services advise to get it checked by a professional immediately before it gets worse. But in case you are wondering what happens, read on.

After the first hard disk noises make themselves known, those noises will get louder and more prominent over time. It is key to point out that any piece of hard ware can be replaced so if there is noise emanating from your hard drive the best thing is to get it checked out and replaced as soon as possible. Hard ware can be replaced, your valuable and unique files cannot. If it is your hard drive that is failing, it is best to get it in to us at Hard Disk Recovery Services, and if the damage is minor, we can repair it. If the hard drive isn’t worth repairing, we can recover your data so that you can reinstall it onto a new hard drive and everything will be back to working order.

If it turns out to be another piece of hard ware, such as the motherboard, again, it is crucial to stop using your computer. If you work in an office and have access to another computer and some knowledge about installing hard drives, provided that you haven’t used the malfunctioning computer for long, the data on your hard drive should be fine. However, the longer you use a computer making strange hard disk noises, the more likely that you will lose that data forever.

The Hard Disk Recovery Group offers highly skilled technicians and state of the art tools and clean room labs and can recover your data in 99% of the situations. If for some reason we cannot recover your data, you will not be charged and your hard drive will be returned to you for no data recovery cost. If you hear strange hard disk noises, contact us immediately for a free quote.

To learn more about hard disk noises, click here. To get a free quote, click here.

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