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Fatal System Error Tips

During a failed boot up attempt, after adding new hardware or software, or even suddenly out of nowhere comes the dreaded fatal system error message. There are a number of reasons for this and some are more worrisome than others but whatever the case it is something that you do not want to see on your computer. The biggest worry is that the feared blue screen of death may be right behind, and usually the blue screen is the last thing you’ll see on your computer.

In many cases, the fatal system error message is caused by critical driver or registry issues that prevent the computer from booting up. This can often be the outcome when upgrading certain software to the newer versions or replacing hardware. If the old driver or software registry is not removed properly and new ones are added, your computer could be encountering a conflict that it cannot resolve.

Cases such as these are annoying because you cannot get your computer working but they are not particularly dangerous in and of themselves. Your data is not at risk, but if you attempt to repair the problem yourself and do not know what you are doing you may end up creating a bigger problem. If you have access to another working computer, there are sites that can give you detailed step by step instructions on how to deal with the situation. However, if you feel that you are not comfortable, it may be better to take your computer into a professional.

Medium fatal system error worries involve corrupted or missing files, particularly involving files in your C:\windows\system32 folder the Achilles heel of PCs. This is where the majority of malicious viruses attack and replicate often corrupting files necessary to boot Windows and otherwise have a properly functioning computer. Or for some reason, one of these files has just been corrupted through user error or some other unexplained phenomena.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may be very close to complete computer misery but there is still a chance to save yourself. In some cases, if you know enough about computers, or know someone who does, you can insert your Windows CD in the CD Rom and perform a Windows repair. Often, this process can identify the damaged files and replace them without loosing any of the valuable data on your hard drive. However, if this does not work, consider yourself in the red alert zone.

Worst case scenarios include fatal system error messages due to boot-sector viruses and damaged hardware. This is the point where anything that you do can only cause more harm to your computer. In the case of damaged hardware, even turning your computer can cause irreversible damage. Provided that you have not tried using your computer when it is in this state, your data may still be saved. If it is the hard drive that is damaged, only a full data recovery expert can save your data. DO NOT try using data recovery software yourself. It will not work and could only further harm your computer.

If it is another hardware component that is failing, such as the motherboard, if you leave the computer off and take it to a professional who replaces the motherboard, you should find that your data is exactly as you left it. However, if you keep trying to boot your computer, a failing motherboard will take every other hardware component with it and slowly destroy everything on your computer.

If you have received the fatal system error due to viral damage, and a Windows repair doesn’t work, too many files are affected and you can either reinstall Windows and lose all the data on your bootable hard drive forever, or you can take it into a professional and recovery your data. It’s your call. In any of these cases, Hard Disk Recovery Services can restore your data, fix the problem, and in the case of Hard Drive damage repair your hard drive usually within 2-3 days.

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