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Exchange Database Recovery

The Microsoft Exchange Server is a staple in businesses both large and small. With it, companies can better manage their human resources, get full use of collaboration tools and establish better organized communication through e-mail. But like anything else that you place dependency on, your office productivity can come to a grinding halt should those Microsoft Exchange Servers go down.

Hard Disk Recovery Services is one of the few data recovery companies who specialize in exchange database recovery and as a result we proudly consider it one of the major advantages that we have within the data recovery industry.

The experience of having your Microsoft Exchange Server go down can be an extremely stressful one. Hard Disk Recovery Services wants you to know that we fully understand your concern, and that you need to realize that a number of exchange database recovery solutions are available. But first and foremost, the most important advice that we can give you is to not panic. Hard Disk Recovery Services can have your Microsoft Exchange Server up and running again in no time so that all that stress will seem like part of a bad dream.

First off, the Microsoft Exchange Server offers a number of built-in recovery tools in the event that it should go down. So while the option of contacting a professional exchange database recovery technician is available, the built-in recovery tools may be enough for an exchange database recovery without the help of a professional.

However, because your Microsoft exchange database is so important, we need to stress how vital it is that only a well-trained, professional technician attempt to repair your Microsoft Exchange Server and exchange database recovery.

Although tools like exmerge.exe exist, they are best left to the professionals. Hard Disk Recovery Services have encountered too many clients who came to us after they attempted to use this program on their own, and discovered how destructive it could be when used by someone who doesn't fully understand how it works.

In these cases, exchange database recovery becomes far more difficult and the chance of forever losing your data becomes a very real possibility.

Sometimes the best resource may be the Microsoft web site, after all they know the inside and outside of their programs better than anybody else.

If your Exchange Servers BIOS cannot connect with the hard drives mounted to the server, you could be in serious trouble. If the problem is minor, then there is a chance that you correct the problem without professional help. Even still, we recommend that you at least contact a data recovery company to get more information.

Be advised that there are companies out there who will charge you before they will talk to you. Make sure you contact a company like Hard Disk Recovery Services who offer a free quote and ensure that we know as much about your problem as possible before helping you decide on a course of action.

One thing that we can tell you for certain, is that if your server has encountered physical damage by getting wet, through electrical malfunction or by fire, your only recourse is help from a professional data recovery company.

Hard Disk Recovery Services has recovered Microsoft Exchange Servers even in cases where the data appeared to be completely lost. Whatever your situation is, we can help with exchange database recovery.

Remember, it is free to call us so if you are not completely sure as what is wrong we can help diagnose the problem. There are not many data recovery companies will do that. In addition if you entrust Hard Disk Recovery Services with your exchange database recovery we can recover your data in more than 90% of the cases, and in the rare circumstance where your data is beyond recovery we won't charge you anything, that's our guarantee.

So even if you've tried exchange database recovery with another data recovery company without success, contact us. In many cases we have succeeded where others have failed.

If you would like to learn more about exchange database recovery, click here. If you'd like a free data recovery quote, click here.

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