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Hard Disk Recovery Services is a hard drive recovery company that has over 15 years of experience helping people with their data recovery needs. In the course of that time we have helped people who suffered catastrophic data loss where everything on their computer had to be recovered, to people who just needed a single file recovered.

Hard Disk Recovery Services have the state of the art technology and clean room facilities to recover either all existing data or just a single excel file from a damaged hard drive. We have had several clients come to us after dealing with another data recovery company who could not. In fact, the following firsthand story from one of our clients is a good example of things to avoid when you're looking for a data recovery company.

In this example, we had a client who was a free lance marketing analyst who made weekly backups of his work, but one day suffered data loss while working on a project. All he needed was the data recovery of one excel file, which was worth about $1000 to him. He contacted a data recovery company that displayed all the warning signs of what we call a data recovery nightmare.

All that our client wanted was a company who specialized in excel data recovery. Unfortunately, the company he contacted informed him that no such thing as excel data recovery existed - that it was all or nothing. Knowing little about computer hardware, our client went ahead with this company because the file that he needed was worth so much to him.

Upon the initial contact, our client was asked no questions about the problem at hand, and simply urged with threats of irreparable loss of data if he didn't bring it into their labs immediately. Tip number one, make sure that the hard drive recovery company that you may potentially deal with asks you lots of questions. And if you don't know much about computers make sure that they take the time to break down the questions into a language you can understand.

After our client sent his hard drive into the hard drive recovery company, he was told that it would cost him $400 just to have the hard drive looked at, even though all he requested one excel data sheet for recovery. Tip number two, companies like Hard Disk Recovery Services offer you a free quote, so why would you choose somebody who charges you just to look at your computer. In our opinion that kind of practice is criminal.

And because the single excel sheet was that important, and our client was desperate for it to be recovered, he forked the money over. When he did, he received no reassurances or even explanation as to what was wrong or what the chances of the excel data recovery would be. All he got was a basic estimate saying that it would run him close to $600.

And as if that isn't bad enough, the proper excel data wasn't recovered. Our client got an older version of his excel data back, a version he already had backed up on a CD-ROM, not the version that he needed recovered. An overall bill close to $1000 for "services rendered" and two months later the same problem happened again, because this data recovery company didn't diagnose the actual problem - hard ware failure!. Thats when he brought his drive into us and the problem was dealt with correctly.

If the data recovery company that you're dealing with doesn't seem interested, then why bother showing them any interest. The technicians at Hard Disk Recovery Services take pride in their work, enjoy a good challenge and understand how intimidating it may seem for a casual computers user who just lost precious data to deal with the experts. If you need us to go in and have only your excel data recovered, then that's what we'll do.

If you would like to learn more about excel data recovery, click here. If you would like to request a free data recovery quote, click here.

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