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Recovering The Unrecoverable

Computer Evidence Recovery

Due to the fact that the use of computers is so prevalent is today's world, statistics show that between 25% and 30% of all important discovery documents are found in hard drives. The evidence found on these computers is crucial to cases where the criminal or those at fault or in violation would otherwise escape reprimand. Often, this evidence is deleted or tampered with to avoid detection. For example, a disgruntled employee may erase data linking him or her to fraud, embezzlement or sexual harassment. The process to recovering this data is as possible as recovering accidentally deleting information.

The first step is to discontinue any use of a computer that may be linked to any required evidence. Leave the computer in the exact same state as it is discovered in. Any input may change or over write the data in the computer memory.

The second step is to leave it to us. In most cases, the evidence is still in the memory banks, so isolate the hard disk you believe the data is on let the experience of our technicians retrieve it for you. We can focus on key words, statements or phrases, files, numbers, figures and names as well as the time and date in which anything was accessed or tampered with. We can retrieve all information, and determine whether or not anything was accessed illegally.

Beware Of Self-Recovery Attempts

It is highly advised that any attempt to retrieve sabotaged data be left to an expert. While there is software on the market designed to recover lost data, if used incorrectly or by an inexperienced user all lost data may become permanently irretrievable. If the situation is of grave importance, then let the specialists of Hard Disk Recovery Services let our experience work for you.

Preserving Evidence

The process by which our technicians recover evidence follows the same process of our recovery of lost data. We first duplicate the contents on your hard drive, cluster by cluster, onto our computers to avoid the risk of data loss. Then, by working closely with our client we use the duplicate to search for and identify and erased or deleted files as well as the date and time of any such procedures. We then use unique key word search techniques unlike that of most common operating systems (for example the "find" command).

Put our experience up to the task of recovering your data, and place your company into the satisfied ranks of over 3,000 satisfied companies and law firms world wide.

Responsive Customer Support

Our technicians are responsive to the concerns of our clients. As a measure of this, we use proprietary techniques to evaluate the information of every drive, with no fear of modifying the contents. We work with you step by step, anything that you are looking for or any questions you may have we are there to consult. If the data exists, we will find it.

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